Monday, July 8, 2013

Robin Downes Productions Collaborating On New Web Series.

Robin Downes Productions is continuing to develop content for two main YouTube Channels.  In addition to the Yoga Flava TV channel, there is the emerging Robin Downes Network (RDN).

Yoga Flava TV is currently in collaboration with Feel Rich TV who have provided guidance for growth in advertisement and business development.  Additionally,  I follow the  YouTube Creators Playbook - there are several details to monitor. 

"Living Yoga Dreams" is the name of the new Yoga Flava TV Web Series which is in collaboration with ElectroYoga.  Also for the summer, "Yoga For Weight Loss" , which will journal my progress for the summer.

The Robin Downes Network is currently developing a collaboration with Sherri Culpepper for a web series about home renovation.

To support my web series, I will continue to strengthen my online digital publishing. It's an ever evolving frontier in the New Media / Digital Publishing world. I'm doing my best to understand how to monetize my online publishing with the Google Adsense Free 10 week master class.

Just wanted to confirm to those who have known me for several years as a media maven and got confused with my Yoga Flava - it's all good - media in different forms for a new era!

Check out the Yoga Flava TV Episode: 
Living Yoga Dreams | Summer 2013 Episode 1 | Yoga Flava

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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