Monday, September 21, 2015

Urbanworld Film Festival to Opens in NYC Sept. 23 - 22nd [TEASER VIDEO]

The 2015 Urbanworld Film Festival will open with BET biography “Muhammad Ali: The People’s Champ” and close with “A Ballerina’s Tale,” the documentary that centers on American Ballet Theater principal dancer Misty Copeland. The two films are part of a full slate of more than 80 films, including shorts, that make up the 19th annual New York festival, presented by BET Networks with HBO. Clarence “Coodie” Simmons and Chike Ozah’s “The People’s Champ” aims to showcase Ali’s boxing skills and his activism to a millenial audience, and will feature interviews with Laila Ali, Ludacris, Sugar Ray Leonard, Billie Jean King and Common, among many others. Meanwhile, Nelson George’s “Ballerina’s Tale,” which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year, chronicles Copeland professional triumphs as well as her recovery from a painful injury. Spotlight films include Marc Silver’s “3 1/2 minutes, 10 Bullets,” a documentary about a 2012 shooting; Bobbito Garcia’s “Stretch and Bobbito: Radio That Changed Lives,” about the titular hip-hop radio show; and Trey Haley’s mystery “The Man in 3B.”

The 2015 Urbanworld festival runs Sept. 23-27. The list of features is below. URBANWORLD FILM FESTIVAL 2015 FILM SLATE OPENING NIGHT “Muhammad Ali: The People’s Champ” – Directed by Coodie Simmons & Chike Ozah (USA) – US Premiere — Presented by BET Networks CLOSING NIGHT “A Ballerina’s Tale” – Directed by Nelson George (USA) SPOTLIGHT FILMS “3 ½ Minutes, 10 Bullets” – Directed by Marc Silver (USA) “Stretch & Bobbito: Radio That Changed Lives” – Directed by Bobbito Garcia (USA) “The Man In 3B” – Directed by Trey Haley (USA) – East Coast Premiere NARRATIVE FEATURE FILMS “After School” – Directed by Carlos Melendez & Mauricio Mendoza (USA) – New York Premiere “A Girl Like Grace” – Directed by Ty Hodges (USA) – New York Premiere “Breaking Through” – Directed by John Swetnam (USA) – US Premiere “Carmin Tropical” – Directed by Rigoberto Perezcano (Mexico) – New York Premiere “Chapter & Verse” – Directed by Jamal Joseph (USA) – World Premiere “Flow” – Directed by Fenar Ahmad (Denmark) – US Premiere “Honeytrap” – Directed Rebecca Johnson (UK) – New York Premiere “Knucklehead” – Directed by Ben Bowman (USA) “Last Night” – Directed by Harold Jackson III (USA) “Pocha” – Directed by Michael Dwyer (USA) – New York Premiere “Primero De Enero (January 1st)” – Directed by Erika Bagnarello (Dominican Republic) – New York Premiere “Riding 79” – Directed by Karola Hawk Gonzalez (Puerto Rico) – New York Premiere “Romeo is Bleeding” – Directed by Jason Zeldes (USA) “Somewhere In The Middle” – Directed by Lanre Olabisi (USA) – New York Premiere “The Stockroom” – Directed by Victor Cruz (USA) – World Premiere “The Two Of Us” – Directed by Ernest Nkosi (South Africa) – New York Premiere DOCUMENTARY FEATURE FILMS “Anatomy of a Dress” – Directed by Flora PĂ©rez-Garay (Puerto Rico) – New York Premiere “Hate Crimes in the Heartland” – Directed by Rachel Lyon (USA) “Dramatic Escape” – Directed by Nick Quested (USA) – World Premiere “Can You Dig This” – Directed by Delila Vallot (USA) – New York Premiere “We Like It Like That” – Directed by Mathew Ramirez Warren (USA) – New York Premiere “In Football We Trust” – Co-Directed by Tony Vainuku and Erika Cohn (USA) – New York Premiere “Tap World” – Directed by Dean Hargrove (USA)

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