Friday, September 20, 2013

Tyler Perry's 'For Better Or Worse' "God Bless Him" [VIDEO EXCLUSIVE CAST INTERVIEW]

According to my exclusive interview with the cast members, Tasha Smith (Angela Williams) and Michael Jai White (Marcus Williams),  the success of the Season 3 premiere of "For Better or Worse" on OWN this past Wednesday, can be contributed to Tyler Perry's family oriented work ethic.

The premiere episode at 9 p.m. Wednesday grabbed more than 1.5 million total viewers, and grew to 1.6 million total viewers with its second episode, pushing OWN to its most-watched Wednesday night in the network's history.


Check out highlights from the exclusive interview with Tasha Smith (Angela Williams) and Michael Jai White (Marcus Williams) here:

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Monday, September 9, 2013

The Crowdfunding Spirit

Recently I attended a NYC Business Solutions Workshop for Wellness Professionals around the topic of "CrowdFunding."  I had previously heard about crowdfunding, through Kickstarter and Indigogo.  Crowdfunding is raising money by offering rewards to your existing community.  You can leverage your already inspired supporters to fundraise for your mission through their own personal networks online, through social media, and through email. At the workshop, I was introduced to Lucky Ant which has successfully helped Yoga professionals to raise funds.

Pictured ;
Jonathon of Lucky Ant, Ava of Yama Talent, Nina of Paraiso Adventures, and Jeff of NYC Business Solutions

Early this morning my friend shared a post on my profile page - "Try just for one day to release everything up to the Universe. Watch what happens!"  Hmmmm - Spiritual food for thought, as I balance my life between the media arts, the healing arts and the finance of it all.  I really wanted to embrace crowdfunding in a spiritual way.   I discovered this article Letter To The Universe.  Yes, I wrote my letter to the universe, then... I let go and let God.

At this same event I met fellow Yogini, Cailin Callahan, who blogged about the sentiments of the event, that I also share... here is an excerpt:
Ava of Yama Talent made the statement of the night, "My landlord doesn't take Karma." Let that marinate for a minute....
As much as I love yoga, healing, wellness and offering up insight...I have to keep reminding myself to not just 'give it away' for free. My skill, my passion, my "product", is valuable- and learning how to be compensated for that appropriately (and feel okay with that) is something that I am working on. It's not 'having too much ego' to want to grow your yoga business or to have high aspirations in your field- so long as its coming from your heart space. I don't want to reach more and more people so that I can be well-known. I want to reach more and more people because I have an infinite amount of love and devotion that I want to share...feel the NEED to share. It was a great night of networking and insight into growing yourself as a brand.  (READ MORE)

Future plans are in the works with the panel experts from the workshop. I'm encouraging my supporters to sign up on my FRESH START FOR FALL WITH YOGA FLAVA page to be the first to find out about how they can receive a FREE YOGA FLAVA SESSION ONLINE PERSONALIZED. The Free session will be a bonus reward for the first 10 people to purchase rewards from my crowdfunding campaign, that will be launched on Tues. Sept. 10th.  Stay tuned for more details of the campaign.

Check out the premiere episode of "Robin's Renovation Inquiries" on The Robin Downes Network TV:

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