Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sheryl Lee Ralph: "Diva, Divinely Inspired Victoriously Aware."

Sheryl Lee Ralph co-stars in the family Christmas movie "Christmas In Compton" in theaters now.  After you check out the movie, she suggests getting her book, as a Christmas gift.  "Redefining Diva: Life Lessons From An Original Dream Girl" just made the New York Times Best Seller Book List.

Recently, I had the opportunity to do a phone interview with the busy Actress, Singer, Activist, Wife, Mother and Producer.  She shared how she lives "a D.I.V.A. life, divinely inspired victoriously aware.

When Sheryl Lee Ralph first met with the filmmakers for her new film, "We all realized there was no holiday movie that displayed people of color in a wonderful, human, family way."

"I love that I was given the opportunity to create a very down to earth, afro-centric character.  It's O.K. to celebrate Kwanza, natural girls rock - this is part of who we are also.  I feel very strongly about portraying positive role models, especially for women. I was happy that I was able to spread words to help other people - - -  to let your children live and to understand you can't rule them." The film does present a warm family feel and is destined to become an urban Christmas classic.

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How does the Diva maintain her ageless good looks?  She replied "I live well, I don’t cus people out.  I don't fight, I don't over indulge in anything. I make a conscious descion to be happy.  I watch the weight that’s on my body. The weight that on my mind. The weight that's on my spirit.  I try to keep it all balanced.  I live a Diva life - Divinely Inspired Victoriously Aware, because I know, life is for the living and it can be rough."

 Christmas miracles can happen anywhere!  "Christmas in Compton" brings big laughs and holiday cheer for the whole family, in theaters now.  Check out the trailer:

"Christmas in Compton" stars Omar Gooding (TV’s “Hanging with Mr. Cooper”), Keith David (Crash, Platoon, 2013 WB release ”Cloud Atlas” with Tom Hanks and Halle Berry,), Sheryl Lee Ralph (Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit), Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight), Miguel A. Núñez Jr. (Juwanna Man) and Orlando Brown (Major Payne, TV’s “That’s So Raven”), this comedy will keep the entire family laughing this holiday season. 

Synopsis:  BIG EARL, the owner of a Christmas tree lot in Compton, and a man with a big heart and a big vision, demands success from everyone around him. All kinds of trouble erupts the week before Christmas when his son, DERRICK, part-time music producer and part-time Christmas tree lot employee, crosses the line to prove to Big Earl that he is a success. The colorful characters that populate the tree lot cause additional complications for Derrick as he tries to solve his problems secretly. Things spiral out of Derrick’s control, jeopardizing the survival of the lot, and more importantly, his relationship with his father. What Derrick needs is a miracle; a Christmas miracle in Compton.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Meagan Good and Dijon Talton "Wild Out" [Exclusive Video Interview]

Actress, Meagan Good makes her directorial debut for her cousin/ Glee star, Dijon Talton's, music video entitled "Wild Out"

This was my first time meeting both of them and I immediately felt their love for each other as family and friends.  During the interview, Meagan and Dion often gave their praises to their faith in God.

Dijon Talton is definately someone to watch.  He sings, he dances, acts and is a charming person.

Check out this exclusive video interview and the FREE offer from Dijon Talton.  Subscribe to the Robin Downes Network on YouTube.

 Celebrity cameos included Logan Browning (Meet the Browns & Summerland), Hosea Chanchez (The Game), & Ashley Everett (Beyonce’s Single Ladies Dancer). For more information on Dijon and his music visit,

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